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“We offer Care That Gives You Results. We Get Our Patients Out Of Pain And Back To Life. No Long-Term Treatment Plans-Just Affordable, Personalized Care For Your Back Pain, Neck Pain And Injuries.” — Dr. David Maloney, Chiropractor

Dr. David Maloney Chiropractor

Dr. David Maloney

Dr. Maloney has lived in Huntington Beach since he was a young child. He was determined to begin his chiropractic practice in the city he grew up in and loved. After graduating from Ocean View High School, Dr. Maloney attended Cal State Long Beach and Los Angeles College of Chiropractic where he received his Bachelor of Science in Biology and his Doctor of Chiropractic degrees. He loves Huntington Beach and is proud to be part of the community. He and his wife are happy to call HB their home. They have three college aged children that make this where they choose to be when not away at school. Having been in practice for over 30 years, Dr. Maloney is thankful for the privilege to be your chiropractor. He is grateful and blessed to be in this profession and to serve you in this office. Dr. Maloney offers faithful devotion and exceptional services to his patients and community.

As a Doctor of Chiropractic, the emphasis of Dr. Maloney's work has been focused on difficult disorders of the back and neck. His specialization in treating disc bulges and disc herniation is what brings patients into his office from all over Southern California. The diagnosing and treating issues of the discs has helped many patients return to the life and activities they thought they may not enjoy again. Utilizing the in-office therapies as well as the knowledge and understanding of what each patient can do to help themselves creates a much more consistent treatment plan than only what being in the office can offer. Dr. Maloney strongly believes that each patient can have an active and successful contribution to their therapy with the proper understanding of their own disc issue and therapy.

Dr. Maloney is trained in a wide variety of soft-tissue therapies. He enjoys continuing his education in the latest techniques in these therapies. These techniques can be very effective for a variety of extremity and soft-tissue complaints. He also utilizes a variety of other techniques to achieve the best results for patients. Through continued education in the areas of bio-mechanical and musculoskeletal dysfunction, Dr. Maloney's treatment protocol for disc bulges and the use of decompression, patient education and other therapies have helped many patients in the Huntington Beach community.

Dr. Maloney has a strong passion for chiropractic care in sports injuries. Treating sports injuries is an important aspect of Dr. Maloney’s services. Preventing and managing injuries, and enhancing an athlete’s performance is a true desire and passion for Dr. Maloney. Working with athletes of all ages and in all aspects of sports and activities has been a large part of Dr. Maloney's chiropractic practice. From football, baseball, soccer, surfing ,running and golf to the extreme sports of race car driving to BMX riding, Dr. Maloney has worked with athletes of all varieties. Having had three teenage athletes in his own home, Dr. Maloney strives to keep the young and upcoming athletes in Huntington Beach as active as possible. His desire to keep athletes working at their strongest performance level has urged him to give every patient the best possible care for their individual needs. Chiropractic care along with other therapies utilized at Huntington Health Center is as beneficial to the experienced athlete, as it is to the amateur and weekend athlete. Assessing each athlete and giving them the best treatment and therapy is what Dr. Maloney strives for. Focusing on each athlete's bio-mechanics and soft-tissue issues along with traditional chiropractic care has become very important aspects of sports injury therapy today.

You'll find Dr. Maloney keeping busy spending time at Dog Beach, working out, enjoying cooking at home or cheering on the Angels and Diamondbacks baseball teams!  Dr. Maloney is dedicated to providing his patients with the highest quality of healthcare. He is living out his dream of helping patients achieve their greatest health potential. His desire is for patients to achieve and maintain their optimum health to live out their life dreams!  

“To see a patient that was at one point walking in our door in pain  out at the beach riding their bike or walking their dog with their family is what drives me to do the best job that I can for my patients. Helping patients get back to what they love is the best part of what we do at Huntington Health Center.”                    -- Dr. David Maloney

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